Hi all! I’m alive and well and still on the trail! One month down and I’ve hiked over 300 miles. I’m meeting tons of people and my experience thus far has been amazing.

I’ve experienced snow, sleet, rain, sun, mountains with views, and mountains without views. I’ve been exhausted and sore, but it means I’m alive. I’ve been watching winter slowly drift into spring and the scenic distance slowly dissolve into a green abyss. I’ve been hiking with several groups and have had plenty of alone time.

Gear updates from along the way will be added in a few weeks. I’m continuing to lighten my pack. It’s funny when you realize the things you thought you had to have are no longer required. (The princess trowel hasn’t gone anywhere)


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Update from Mom

Just a quick update for those of you following the blog. I dropped her off yesterday (21 Mar) around 1130ET. The wind was pretty gusty at times and it was 23 degrees.

Since then, I’ve had a couple of very short texts and all seems to be going well and she appears to be making good time.


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Update/Gear List

Long awaited gear list video was done and my old list was finally updated!! Click the links to check them out!

I should give you an update on where I am and what I’ve been up to. I apologize, without internet it has been very difficult to update on here. I was not in Philly long before work sent me near Lancaster, PA. It was definitely an experience and I met so many lovely people. My assignment came to an end last Friday, and that evening I hauled everything back down to Florida. No rest as I hit the ground running to make sure everything is taken care of before I leave.

Many of you believed I would be taking my dog with me on the trail. Unfortunately, I believe the trail may be too rough on him. And to be honest, it’s my crazy idea not his. So, he will be staying with my mom while I am gone. I have not gone on any solo backpacking/hiking trips without him and I am going to miss him dearly.

On another note, I am hearing more and more everyday about programs and human trafficking rings being exposed, which excites me so much! If you haven’t checked out the ‘why I’m hiking/ how to help’ page please take a look at it. I’m not asking for money, I just want you to understand and educate yourself on the cause.

I think that’s about it. I will be updating as I head out on the trail. Thank you for your support, your following, and your comments!!



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First week what to eat

Another video blog: NomNomNom

Gear list coming soon!!



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Reasons and Ramblings

I apologize for not updating my blog. I promise when I get down to Florida and finally have solid internet next week I will get it updated. Until then bare with me and my video blogs.

Link takes you to the video:

Reasons and Ramblings


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Video Blog Begins

Click link to watch and subscribe!


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Gear List is Up!

I know my blog has been a process, but at least now I have some kind gear list for you! I still have some things I’m working on, but here is the link to my Gear list!

Thru-Hiking Gear 2013

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Settling in, not settling down

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the late entry! It’s definitely been a busy month. I’ve moved from Middle Georgia to a small town outside of Philadelphia. This is my first week here and we’ve already had snow flurries. Besides settling in and getting my little travel trailer winterized,  I’m pretty excited about the cold weather being from the south. Snow boarding/ skiing? Definitely on my list to try this winter. Beside dreaming about snow, I’m hoping I can be of some assistance after this last storm, Sandy, hit the north east and also spending time with the human trafficking victims locally.

Anyway, I’ve had people ask me how I am preparing for the trail and training. I’m not really sure there is a way to train to hike for 6 months. I have a feeling this is going to be more of a mental challenge than physical. As far as tackling mental and physical preparation at the same time, I’ve been distance jogging, not to get confused with distance running; (I don’t think speed walkers can pass someone running). I’ve signed up for a Ragnar Relay in January with a great team, for a short term goal to keep me motivated. Also, for brain training, I enjoy word finds and minesweeper. I know old school, but could never get the knack of Sudoku.

Functionally, I have done several weekend backpacking trips or “shake downs” trying out different gear. I plan to get in depth with what gear I’ve used and how it has worked for me. It’s definitely been trial and error. I will get to that within the next several weeks. I don’t mean to procrastinate, but I do need to find the time to lay everything out and write a description on each piece of equipment.

I’m really having a hard time trying to fit everything in, but I know things will work out how they need to. It’s definitely been a process. Dug has been working diligently to get all of the legal aspects of the non profit organization–The Oasis Projekt up and running and continues to be great support and motivation for me to continue raising awareness on human trafficking as a hiker, reminding me even if I’m making a miniscule impact, it’s still an impact towards greater good. I definitely look up to this guy, so please check out his blog by clicking on the Oasis Projekt link.

I think that’s pretty much the update here. I will definitely keep you all posted on any new news and will be posting my gear list within the next couple weeks.



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Outdoors reaching outward


How nerve-racking is it to start a blog? Not sure where to start, there is a lot you don’t know about me, yet. I guess I’ll start with how I got into all this outdoorsy traveling stuff.

Well, it was probably because my parents were military. Also, my dad used to tie me to trees around raging rivers when I was young so he could dip net for salmon in Alaska…. Perfect equation for a tree hugging gypsy…. No?

Most kidding aside, I met a friend, Joelle, who introduced me to a new perspective of the earth, the wilderness, plant, and water life. We took several camping trips and I increasingly fell in love with the constant reminder that the world still has beauty left in it. While doing research on different parks and different trails to visit, I came across the Appalachian trail. From that point on the AT became a bit of an obsession. Fast forward a little ways, and I decided to move to Georgia to get a little closer to the trail.

Even though my love for the trail and the wilderness has not changed, something hasn’t been right. I have been wanting to reach out to the community and help people in need. Not only that, but I’ve wanted to make connections with people who just need to be loved on. The healing and growth that is ignited with those connections and relationships are one in a million and are a product of something bigger than all of us combined.

That being said, fast forward again to the end of my assignment in Georgia, I find out my next placement is in Philadelphia, PA. A few days later, I met Dug (<~~check out his blog) who introduced me to the Oasis Projekt, A nonprofit organization which sponsors hikers/bikers/unicyclists to help take on long trails to bring awareness, raise funds, and support to stop human trafficking. Wait, so let me get this right. I’m moving to a city where there are plenty of opportunities to reach out AND I can hike and raise money for a reason. Not just any reason, a reason that can save lives, that can inspire someone, that can actually make a difference. Sign me up!!!

So here I am now, getting ready to migrate north for the winter. Totally pumped about the next few months leading up to the trail. I have tons of work to put in, between preparing for the hike and helping the Oasis Projekt. I’m nervous and worried about failing, about blogging or saying the wrong things, about screwing up one way or another. But I’m ready to help make a difference, even if it’s miniscule.

Please be patient with me and leave feedback if you have questions, tips, or even encouragement. I will be updating information and links soon, so that if you are interested in helping me make a difference that option is available to you. At the very least I hope what I share reaches someone else that will make a bigger difference.



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